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Assistant Manager – Central Baggage Tracing – Oman Air – Muscat

March 14, 2019
  • Oversight and Leadership of the post-flight Central Baggage Team and Dedicated Baggage Team at HUB.
  • Lead group that handles customer inquiries, baggage tracing, and compensation for the company (Central Baggage Team leadership).
  • Develop the process necessary to assist customers with all comments.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of World Tracer Management System in order to develop and convey proper procedures to the Central Baggage Team.
  • Develop statistical data that will provide feedback to management and audit.
  • Develop timely reports for management, highlighting trends and opportunities.
  • Act as the point person for information on compensation, refunds and customer feedback.
  • Handle high profile incidents reported to Oman Air.
  • Handle sensitive executive letters sent by customers, and other airlines.
  • Work with the appropriate group/s to resolve any sensitive customer situation.
  • Set process flows and guidelines for:

Primary Tracing, Secondary Tracing, Baggage Claims Compensation, Claims Proration, Insurance, Central Baggage Stores and Unclaimed Baggage (including disposal of).

  • Work with the appropriate group/s to resolve any sensitive customer situation.
  • Liaison between Oman Air and SITA (World Tracer Management system provider).
  • Conduct performance meetings with Leads.

o Main Oman Air contact for SITA World Tracer (Liaison with SITA).
o Create and maintain all Oman Air’s User, Reason for Loss and Free-Form Text Screens.

  • Provide updated Oman Air webpage information on baggage claims guidelines as per policy and contact information.
  • Perform Baggage Service Audits to conform to customer specifications and or procedures.
  • Seeks Opportunities and Avoids Risks (is also aware of), and Understands Strengths and Weaknesses, at every stage of Central Baggage functions and changes due operational increases, reduction, uplift of passengers vs baggage etc. and appropriate Tools/Resources, and Trainings.

Represents Oman Air at the Annual World Tracer User meeting (and votes on behalf of Oman Air all items presented).

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