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March 2, 2017
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Bechtel: Project Controls Specialist based


Performs cost estimating, analysis, and control activities. Performs schedule development, maintenance, and monitoring activities. Supports project organizational and administrative activities,

when delegated. Supervises and provides technical direction for cost engineering and/or planning/scheduling activities, when delegated. Ensures work is completed as scheduled. Identifies trends for management attention.


A. Supervision Received

– Reports to and receives technical guidance and operational supervision from designated supervisory personnel.

B. Supervision Exercised

– Provides technical and operational direction to assigned personnel, when delegated.

C. Contacts

– Maintains relationships with project personnel, particularly with individual discipline group leaders and engineers in both home office and at jobsites.


The following duties are General/Common across disciplines within the Project Controls function:

1. Prepares project control plans and detailed staffing utilization plans for discipline or specialty activities.
2. Assists in preparing cost/schedule data for proposals or contract negotiations.
3. Participates in developing and presenting training classes on designated subjects and on-the-job training for specific processes and practices.
4. Conducts personnel performance reviews when delegated. Interviews candidates, and makes recommendations for employment decisions.
5. Assists in developing specific project codes of accounts and recommends appropriate modifications and revisions.

The following duties are performed with respect to Cost Engineering and Estimating:

1. Determines scope definition requirements for a discipline or other specialty and works with Engineering, Construction, and other sources to coordinate the production of required data to conform to the overall estimate preparation plan.
2. Performs, or coordinates the performance of, pricing structure development and application to takeoffs, derived quantities, quantity assumption, and cost allowances within a discipline or other specialty.
3. Assists in developing unit man-hour and pricing data for a specific discipline or other specialty, including estimating parameters, factors, indices, productivity and craft distribution reference data, etc., based on analysis of Bechtel and industry experience. Performs data analysis, identifies problems, and makes recommendations.
4. Plans, coordinates, and directs preparation of specific budgets. Assists in developing requirements for budgeting standards.
5. Develops and implements requirements for cost recording, reporting, and analyzing standards, programs, and reports. Performs performance monitoring and control functions.
6. Investigates requirements for estimating and/or cost control data for a specific discipline or other specialty application.
7. Responsible for preparing and presenting reports, such as the Project Financial Status Report and the Earned Revenue Determination Data.
8. Identifies or defines data sources and techniques for data acquisition and collects required data for a specific discipline or other specialty application.

The following duties are performed with respect to Scheduling:

1. Ascertains that the correct scope of work is reflected on all schedules.
2. Integrates inter-discipline schedule requirements and constraints to establish logical work sequences for assigned disciplines or specialties. Works with the performing organizations and units to coordinate work sequences with total project plan.
3. Establishes and implements methods for determining activity durations within assigned disciplines or specialties.
4. Develops quantity release or installation curves for assigned disciplines or specialties. Reviews and evaluates quantity records to ensure total quantities are represented for a particular discipline or specialty. Develops required jobhour expenditure for assigned disciplines or specialties. Assists in determining leveling decisions. Performs quantity and manpower resource loading for assigned schedules.
5. Reviews schedule data, and identifies and acquires information needed to complete work logics to interface between assigned disciplines or specialties.
6. Determines critical-path activities for assigned discipline or specialties, and identifies significant activities supporting inter-discipline requirements.
7. Monitors schedule deviation for assigned disciplines or specialties and recommends corrective action/workaround solutions for project considerations.
8. Identifies and reports activities that have a critical or potential impact on schedule via the Schedule Impact Report.

Job Knowledge

Experience in performing, monitoring, and reviewing planning and scheduling functions, including schedule development, control, and analysis, and cost engineering functions, including cost estimating, cost control, and cost analysis, in the field and home office.

Knowledge of supervision, personnel administration, and training of technical and nontechnical personnel.

Skilled in oral and written communication.

Proficiency in using PC operating systems and several basic software applications. Proficiency in using multiple discipline-specific software applications currently used by Bechtel (e.g., PCWorks, Primavera).

Demonstrates an intermediate understanding of Project Controls general technical skills.

Demonstrates an intermediate level of knowledge of engineering, procurement, contracts, construction, and startup work processes, as performed by Bechtel.

Knowledge of engineering and construction management customarily acquired over time through specialized instruction or practical experience.Good at manupulating database.

BOPS Guidelines include the minimum time that you need to be in your current position before applying to a new position. Please refer to the Guidelines and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

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