Civil Engineer will be responsible for the design and management of various aspects of a road/highway project, including planning, permitting and construction. Duties include client interaction, technical coordination of the projects, mentoring of junior engineers (if required), report writing, cost estimating, technical specifications and contractual documents, project management including budget and schedule tracking.

NOTE: This vacancy is for tender purposes at this stage.


  • Carries out the assigned design tasks in a diligent and effective manner, meeting deadlines and avoiding errors.
  • Prepares the program of each project and ensures that the deadlines are met. Monitors any critical aspect of the projects in order to provide a recommendation for top management action when required.
  • Manages the activities of multiple projects, assigns resources, duties, schedules and working periods.
  • Reviews the design to ensure that it complies with the required standards and quality.
  • Coordinates with the required Departments for all design modifications and/or additional designs required during construction.
  • Prepares addendum, extensions of time, and letters to Clients, sub-consultants and other stakeholders, review/prepare minutes of meeting and ensures that as the project milestones are met the required invoices are issued to the Client.
  • Ensures that upon completion of every stage of the project invoice has been accordingly issued to the client.
  • Provides leadership and creates enthusiasm for technical staff of the department, to consequently develop teamwork and balance the strengths of individuals, allocating responsibilities as appropriate.
  • Offers support and advice to members of the department and monitors the work of the subject through the staff development and performance management.
  • Facilitates positive relationships between company, client and sub-contractors/ suppliers to achieve the project’s design and construction goals.
  • Implements and maintains Company’s policies and other management systems.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

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