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DynCorp: Vehicle Operations Supervisor

Supervises and performs the scheduling and analysis of maintenance performed on vehicles and equipment. Uses a computer to manage the vehicle data collection system and develops local retrievals to obtain specific data. Files historical data and maintains vehicle record.  Accomplishing Vehicle Management & Analysis and Fleet functions  in accordance with AFCSM 24-1, AFI 23-302, and AFCENT Pamphlet 23-302.  Manages all (including Government owned, locally leased, Other Government Means of Conveyance (OGVMC), and non-registered) Vehicle Authorization Listing (VAL) transactions using the Commander’s Resource Integration System CRIS) tool in LIMS-EV.

Principle Accountabilities

  • Performs On-Line Vehicle Integrated Management System (OLVIMS) management functions
  • Inputs data to the OLVIMS computer system and verifies data accuracy
  • Prepares, reviews and corrects OLVIMS system products
  • Develops local retrievals to obtain specific data and analyzes this data for specific trends
  • Coordinates with work center supervisors and using organizations to ensure a timely repair of assigned vehicles
  • Monitors contract and warranty repairs, status, and funding
  • Develops and administers long and short range plans and programs for completion of scheduled maintenance and special projects
  • Programs vehicles for depot maintenance on a five year maintenance plan
  • Controls and administers the delayed maintenance, accident, and abuse programs
  • Operates computers, calculators, typewriters
  • Maintains and files vehicle historical data and records jackets
  • Assembles specific vehicular information by extracting and tabulating maintenance data in a logical presentation sequence using automated and manual methods
  • Prepares data for presentation in tabular, chart, graphic and summary form
  • Gives written and narrative summaries to meet management needs
  • Analyzes data for deviations from specific performance indicators and helps to develop corrective actions

Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge is mandatory of: maintenance control and analysis, diagnostic duties, maintenance responsibilities, maintenance data collection and reporting procedures, and small computer operation in support of OLVIMS.

Experience & Education

  • 3+  years in Air Force Specially Code 2T357 highly desirable
  • Experience in functions such as maintenance control or analysis, quality control, diagnostics, or maintenance shop work center, and obtaining parts and materials for use in vehicle maintenance
  • Experience performing or supervising functions such as maintenance control or analysis, quality control, diagnostics, or maintenance ship work centers, and in obtaining parts and materials for use in vehicle maintenance
  • Completion of high school with courses in algebra or equivalent mathematics, small computer operations, and auto mechanics is desirable
  • Completion of a vehicle maintenance control and analysis course is preferred

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Living and working conditions at the assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable
  • Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions
  • Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions


  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally

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