Job Description


Accountable to provide a consistent framework for planning, preparing and responding to emergencies and crisis, including fire-fighting, testing and drilling the plans through credible scenarios and responding to actual events across all Oman LNG business, infrastructure and locations, to ensure Oman LNG’s preparedness for emergencies and mitigate the consequences of such emergencies if and when they occur to save lives, prevent damage to assets and environment, and help sustain the drive towards achieving the Goal Zero vision.


1. Guide the development and operationalization of the Corporate Emergency Response program for Oman LNG, to provide a standardized and consistent framework for planning, preparing for, testing and responding to Plant, Shipping, Infrastructure & Logistics, Community emergencies scenarios to ensure OLNG’s continued preparedness for emergencies and mitigate the consequences of such when they occur.

2. Operationalize, implement, continuously update and test Pre-Incident Plans (PIP) based on HSE case documented Major Accident Hazards (MAH) recovery barrier scenarios, ensuring gaps are identified from drills of such PIPs are adequately addressed to provide business leadership with the highest level of confident in OLNG’s preparedness to respond to emergencies.

3. Guide the development and operationalization of the annual corporate Emergency Response Plan (ERP), providing regular feedback to OLNG’s leadership on the progress with the plan and emanating issues to help business leaders prioritize activities to drive required improvement for emergency preparedness.

4. Manage OLNG’s Fire stations in the plan, corporate head office, OLNG Residential areas and town offices, to assure the competency of firefighting personnel and continuous readiness for timely mobilization and response to emergencies.

5. Continuously assess firefighting resources and equipment requirements across Oman LNG’s business, infrastructure (including Emergency Control Centers) and locations, ensuring correct firefighting methods, adequacy, integrity and validity of equipment including firefighting gears and response vehicles, to ensure business readiness to respond to emergencies, saving lives and preventing damage to assets and the environment as a result.

6. Guide the operationalization of firefighting support to OLNG host communities as part of OLNG’s social performance objectives, helping saving lives and minimize damage to assets and the environment within the communities.

7. Provide subject matter advice on firefighting to plant operations, maintenance, engineering, technical, projects and shipping operations and infrastructure (company wide) to ensure understanding of facilities Fire, Radiation, Explosion and Dispersion (FRED) models, facilitate firefighting considerations and selection of the right equipment in maintenance and projects activities, and good handling of installed equipment in operational areas to ensure awareness of fire and explosion dynamics and equipment availability for emergency response.

8. Sustain the learnings and knowledge sharing of the Emergency Response drills with other organizations (ROP, MECA, PDO, Shell etc.) by enduring periodic meetings, drilling of credible scenarios through joint exercises to provide assurance of continuous ER support.


1. Challenges in communicating with staff and contractors as they are not well versed in HSE culture

2. Achieving zero accidents, zero fires, excellent health, safety and environment performances for all staff and contractors

3. Maintaining the above, in a multi-cultural environment and fast pace of evolving workforce

4. Maintain Emergency Response Ratings

5. Development of HSE capabilities for Local Contractors

6. Managing HSE activities in five different company locations

7. Coaching and development of HSE advisors and to maintain open relationships with other departments.

Skills Required


1. To possess a passion for HSSE, Process Safety, people development and Ethics & Compliance

2. Strong production planning and risk management abilities

3. Excellent knowledge of the HSE playing field as well as the ability to address and manage the expectations and requirements multiple stakeholders, both internal and external

4. Good knowledge of International HSE Standards, Codes and Regulations relevant to Fire, Safety and Life Saving Equipment in the Oil/Gas Industry.

5. Self-starter to take initiative for non-routine activities.

6. To be a proven people manager.

7. To have the ability to lead and manage change, overcome organisational resistance, influencing people and to work independently using own initiative.

8. To have the ability to deal with multiple, often conflicting, goals and priorities.

9. To have excellent communication skills in order to influence internal and external stakeholders.


1. Carry out HSSE & SP Risk Management (Skill)

2. Manage Personal Safety Risks (Skill)

3. Investigate and Learn from HSSE & SP Incidents (Knowledge)

4. Plan and Prepare for Emergency Response (Knowledge)

5. Personal Effectiveness (Skill)

6. Communication (Skill)

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