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February 22, 2017
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Masafi: Maintenance Engineer

Key Accountabilities:

  • Responsible for service, maintenance and installation of medium to large sized commercial and industrial water treatment, processing and filling plants such as R.O, DM, STP, Filtration, and Softeners, utility equipment, Blow molders, filler, labeler, packer, palletizer, shrink / stretch wrappers, conveyors, and other related machineries of a beverage manufacturing plant.
  • Responsible for trouble shooting and servicing of mechanical equipment such as above.
  • Responsible for electrical circuits, wiring, control panel. MCC panel, DBpanel, PLC panel, cabling and termination
  • Maintenance Implementation: Takes the leading role in any repair or maintenance work carried out whenever it needs and design, and supervise the implementation of preventive maintenance programs as recommended by equipment suppliers.
  • Maintains and controls electric motors, pumps, and valves to regulate flow of raw water into treating plant. Supports utilities process needs and helps ensure compliance with product specific regulatory requirements
  • Identifies the problem or opportunity through the collection and analysis of data. Designs tests for and assists in the investigation of relaying and control scheme problems.
  • Responsible for spare parts store management. He should co-ordinate with equipment suppliers and ensure that sufficient spare parts are available at plant site for maintenance and upkeep of various plant machinery.
  • Develops and implements manual and automated test plans for equipment. Conducts engineering analysis and develops recommendations to maintain and improve plant and system efficiency, reliability, safety, environmental compliance and cost performance. Identifies defects and failure modes, assesses current operating practices, determines cost benefit analysis on equipment deficiencies and then develops modifications to current configuration that will improve overall performance.

Qualifications, Skills and Specific Knowledge:

  • BSc in electrical engineering and/or mechanical engineering.
  • 5-10 years’ hands on experience in the servicing, maintenance and installation of R. O. D.M. Plants, Water Treatment, Service and Electrical maintenance, bottling line machinery.
  • Computer & Communication skills.

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