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Nexus Global: Mechanical Piping Engineer

Position Description
• Verify the correct assembly of pipelines and different materials used in it, as well as in the subsequent hydraulic tests.
• Verify the assembly of the control valves, safety valves and instruments on line.
• Prepare and approve the circuits for the hydraulic tests.
• Verify the correct assembly and leveling of the equipment
• Verify the correct assembly of the interiors, while respecting the tolerances signaled in the standards and drawings.
• Make a list of faults in the circuits of hydraulic tests.
• Verify that the connection flanges of the equipment are left with the admitted tension
• Follow up the sub-contractor and report progress to the superintendent.
• Assist and verify the numbers of personal present at site tracking hours and progress
• Count of equipment working at site and stand by hours of equipment.
• Report the delay and defaults
Position Requirements
Working hours: 60 HH/Week divided in 6 days a week.
Rotations: 15/120
Holidays: 15 paid leave days every 120 days in work camp.
Trips: 3 return tickets yearly to home city
Expected Start Date: ASAP
Duration of Service: 1 year renewable

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