Job description

Role Purpose

Develop detailed work execution plans and schedules for major maintenance activities in accordance with applicable premises, approved work processes and HSSE standards so as to ensure the plant equipment and site infrastructure is maintained for safe operation, improved reliability, and minimal rework.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Prepare milestones plans for Major Maintenance and Train Shutdown activities and prepare status updates after collecting inputs from all stakeholders.

2. Consolidate optimised job list for challenge sessions after acquiring scope from different departments 3. Prepares a WBS for scope of equipment shutdown in collaboration with all the stakeholders.4. Produces/develops an integrated schedule for the Major Maintenance and Trains Shutdown activities after collecting it from all relevant stakeholders.5. Develops resource requirements (Materials stock and non-stock), manpower, equipment and services for the Major Maintenance and Trains Shutdowns in collaboration with all the stakeholders. 6. Coordinates with Material Coordinator to ensure sufficient and suitable materials are available for the execution.7. Supports in Job tasking for Major Maintenance and Trains Shutdowns to facilitate permit raising activity.8. Supports Major Maintenance Coordinator to ensure sufficient and suitable resources (materials, labour and equipment) is available to complete Major Maintenance and Trains Shutdowns activities.9. Ensures development of environmental plan (e.g. Waste disposal, vac truck etc.) for assigned activities.10. Assists Major Maintenance coordinators on follow up and monitor execution of Major Maintenance and Shutdown activities11. Tracks and monitor Major Maintenance and Trains Shutdowns activities, update S-Curves and update progress to all relevant stakeholders. Identify slippage from the plan and communicate to the Major Maintenance Coordinator.12. Coordinate with all relevant stakeholders to prepare and submit shutdown closing report and prepare shutdown planning report. 13. Provides a critique of turnaround and major maintenance activities after completion of turnaround, and participate in the Lessons Learned and Look back processes.14. Assists the line in preparation of cost estimates of outages therein helping in working out the correct cost requirements for the budgets.15. Ensures the execution of all activities pertaining to Major maintenance and Train Shutdown are adhered to HSSE policies of the complex16. Maintains Turnaround and Major Maintenance history in CMMS system.17. Utilizes the training and learning opportunities provided by the organization to develop competencies in specialist areas and work towards self-development.18. Participates in activities and delivers as per instructions to augment Team’s efforts as and when needed and instructed.19. Prepares and delivers matrices, analysis and presentations as and when instructed. Attends Major Maintenance, Turnaround and Shutdown related meetings and prepares minutes where needed. 20. Produce and maintain assigned activity detailed work packs.21. Responsible for development of T/A facilities and logistics plans22. Compile, and track the status of all required resources (materials, labour and equipment) needed for major maintenance activities.

Qualifications and Experience

1. BSc. in Engineering Science with minimum 5 years of experience in the Chemical, Oil or Gas industry2. A minimum of 2 years of involvement in Shutdowns and Turnarounds, coordination, management and planning.3. Involvement in field maintenance is preferable.


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