Develop, implement and monitor a variety of responsible, professional-level duties involved in the development and management/administration of the infrastructure and maintenance of our Harbour assets

in accordance with the regulations, policies and standards of Oman. He will develop and implement ISO 9000. He must demonstrate excellent business planning and management skills, including strategic planning, excellent oral and written communications skills. Examine corporate activities to establish where improvements can be made and ensure compliance with maintenance across the organisation. Carrying out audits and assessments also identifying and resolving long-term possible problems.

Job Reference: PTD/2017/001 Closing Date: 2017-03-02

Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. Focus in Data Collection and Interpretation.


  1. Developing and implementing maintenance strategies and action plans that ensure corporate sustainable development in the Port.


  1. Report recommendations and solutions for policy creation.
  2. Coordinate, plan and develop a global maintenance program with all our port clients in order to secure a long-term strategy for the maintenance of all assets of the Port authority.
  3. Leading the implementation of maintenance policies and practices.
  4. Ensuring compliance with legislation.
  5. Auditing, analysing and reporting maintenance to internal and external clients and regulatory bodies.
  6. Carrying out impact assessments to identify, assess and reduce an organisation’s risks and financial costs.
  7. Promoting and raising awareness, at all levels of an organisation.
  8. Managing the development and implementation of a maintenance management system.
  9. Support the negotiating maintenance service agreements and managing associated costs and revenues.
  10. Implement ISO 9000 Quality management system in PDC
  11. Performs any other related tasks assigned to him by his in line manager.
Required Skills, Experience & Qualification:
  1. Excellent Communications skills.
  2. Ability to organize.
  3. Capable of working as part of a team of technicians and engineers.
  4. Familiarity with data analysis, digital mapping and computer modelling technique may also be beneficial.
  5. Implement ISO 9000 quality management system
  6. MS office, MS Project 2010, AutoCAD …
  7. Show initiative, recognize emerging problems and pro-actively develop solutions.

Educational Background:

  1. Msc. Civil Engineer or equivalent.
  2. Minimum of 7 year experience is required, preferably in Ports Industry field or in Private Sector.


  1. Technical Capacity
  2. Manage / Control systems and schemes
  3. Analyze and solve problems
  4. Adapt own behavior
  5. Project Management
  6. Lifelong Learning


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