Job Description

  • Works with subsurface, wells and surface teams to mature and deliver Field Development Plans and other reports on wide range of green and brown field projects.
  • Select, design and oversee drilling of onshore wells in conjunction with Drilling and Subsurface groups.
  • Actively engage with Operations department to provide daily support to offshore operations on all matters related to Production System optimization. Responsible for well completion design including sand control technique/requirement.
  • Challenge existing designs and operational processes in order to apply best technologies and practices, and minimise operating costs
  • Good knowledge in reservoir engineering, drilling and petroleum economics through past experience with multidiscipline project
  • Ability and experience to challenge existing designs and well operational processes in order to apply best technologies and practices and minimize operating costs.
  • Identify, evaluate and propose innovative Production Technology strategies to enhance Well Construction and Well Operation performance.
  • Ability to lead the evaluation of production performance including associated risk assessment for current installation, as well advantages and limitations of new well technology.
  • Fully understanding of Injectivity, flow assurance and formation damage behaviors in relations to any FDP/FFR development project.
  • Define well completion standards for various completion phases (post-drilling, post-fracturing, post-completion) conforming to ARA E&P barrier policy.
  • Define velocity string requirement, if any. Establish velocity string specifications and installation schedule using production profile forecasted by ARA E&P reservoir engineering team.
  • Responsible for completion engineering evaluations that contribute to well planning, conceptual design, and material ordering.
  • Demonstrate the ability to execute preliminary completion and operations design that permit the development and assessment of various well design concepts under consideration for current and future field development plan implementation. This involves concept definition, clear understanding of concept feasibility as well as development of screening estimates for time, cost and equipment required.
  • Work closely with the Well Delivery teams to produce and assess several completion designs from sand face (reservoir) to wellhead.
  • Selects optimum completion design considering all the lifecycle elements, installation risk, well intervention, and well treatment requirements, arriving at an optimum balance of cost, risk and value.
  • Actively pursue design improvements, incorporating learning points from appraisal wells and best practices from other Operators.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and team skills. Having experience of working in a multi-discipline and/or multi-cultural team is considered a key advantage.
  • Identifies subsurface uncertainties and develops plans to acquire production related data to mitigate the associated risks.

Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or relevant engineering subjects, MSc/PhD is preferred. Minimum 6 years’ experience in a similar role preferably in Exploration and Development settings.
  • Have the ability to engage in the main works as well as cooperates with other disciplines
    Able to monitor, analyse and report on well performance. Prepare Vertical Flow Performance (VFP) tables to be integrated within the simulation model.
  • Good knowledge on production logging Production Testing/DST and well intervention activities, Well completions and recompletions operation knowledge.
  • Solid capabilities within well performance analysis and surveillance techniques, gas lift production systems, design, troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Fluent user of Prosper and GAP software for well and production system modelling.
  • Knowledge of and affinity to completion equipment, drilling, production operations, well intervention and Well Services practices.
  • Familiarity with well test and well treatment techniques and equipment.
  • Knowledge of relevant technologies for inflow and outflow optimization, including stimulation, enhanced perforating, enhanced well treatment techniques, and liquid loading mitigation.
  • Practical experience working with an active operations team
  • Practical experience of water shut off, zonal isolation, asphaltene treatment, scale inhibition and removal, stimulation, well integrity.
  • Experience of artificial lift systems: ESP, Gas Lift, Jet pumps, sucker rod pumps etc.
  • Experience of water injection systems.
  • Experience of logging, perforating and testing
  • Experience of production well testing, production allocation and surface metering
  • Knowledge of field development, well delivery/servicing, production operations, field development planning, economic value assessment, value and technical assurance as well as value-creation methodologies and tools.
  • Effective communicator, ability to coach / mentor younger staff and ability to think beyond PE discipline


  • IPM modelling – Prosper, GAP

Competences and training requirements

  • Communication (Skill)
  • Coaching (Skill)
  • Risk Management & Decision analysis (Skill)
  • Experienced in integrated production modelling (Skill)
  • Flow measurement and allocation, sand-face completion design, water injection, artificial lift, production chemistry, flow assurance, and transient flow modelling (Skill)

The successful Production Technologist will be directly responsible for the review in agreement with drilling department- the well design and completion that will be used on future wells. The incumbent will review existing data and plan and recommend additional data acquisition. For each well architecture/design and sensitivity analyses, the incumbent will prepare and provide the required vertical flow performance tables (using Prosper software) and propose the optimum artificial lift method. The incumbent will provide support to reservoir engineers in well performance analysis and optimization related activities.

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