Job Description

  • Develop a strategy for IT & Operations Governance that will ensure participation on a sustained basis by key Stakeholders.
  • Create a comprehensive plan for implementation of IT & Operations Governance strategy
  • Render support to in establishing IT & Operations Division Strategy and Budgets
  • Spearhead the development of appropriate IT & Operations Policies and Procedures
  • Establish Quality Assurance practices in IT & Operations for compliance tracking for the Audit & Information Security Findings
  • Centralize IT & Operations Finance Management components viz. Review of IT & Operations Finance including Capex & Opex with IT and Ops Management and executive leadership team of the Bank, Contracts & Agreements, Invoice payments, budget tracking etc. pertaining to IT & Operations
  • Centralize the IT Project Management by provide administrative support to Project Management Office to ensure smooth operations; aid the IT-PMO & stakeholders in managing project lists and deliverables; Maintain a proper filing and document control system for recording and tracking of all documents for the project team and department; Keeping track of deadlines, work in progress and the completed work for key projects; Undertake any ad-hoc admin projects/duties as required

IT & Operations Governance:

  • Develop a strategy for IT & Operations governance that will ensure participation on a sustained basis by key participants.
  • Create a comprehensive plan for the implementation of IT & Operations Governance-strategy. This should not only address the design of the IT & Operations governance process steps and support logistics, but also the culture-change management aspects of ensuring that all participants are educated and motivated to make IT & Operations governance a success.
  • Implement IT & Operations Governance plan to convey importance of IT & Operations governance to all stakeholders and process responsibilities are clearly communicated
  • Manage and support the ongoing IT & Operations governance processes
  • Monitor the results and effectiveness of IT & Operations governance and feedback results to the IT & Operations governance strategy and planning cycle to maintain performance
  • Support PMO, Legal and other key Stakeholders in the Bank in drafting and establishing agreements with the Vendors
  • Direct technological research by studying organization goals, strategies, practices, and user projects

Vendor Management

  • Manage the quotations procured from vendors/suppliers as when required.
  • Establish monitoring process of the assigned work / task within the stipulated timelines in coordination with the IT & Operations team and external sources
  • Manage the IT & Operations project related (Non PMO) travel arrangements including air-ticket, hotel accommodation, visa arrangements, claims etc. of Project team members
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of IT & Operations policies, procedures, methodologies, and governance — as well as performance management frameworks and metrics to ensure the Division delivers value to the enterprise.
  • Establishes and implements continuous-improvement programs for the Division.
  • Stays current with developments in new market trends and innovations in technology and the leadership of Division.
  • Drives and facilitates effective collaboration and communications between the Division and the user and customer communities.
  • Responsible for directing the preparation, review and consolidation of business plans and budgets for the Division.
  • Review IT & Operations costs and cost structures for the services and products so that the financial implications of the projects and activities are communicated to the proper Division and business executives.
  • Direct risk evaluation and compliance management processes.
  • Responsible for developing and managing strategic vendor and partnership relationships.
  • Support IT & Operations on workforce management, including the sourcing, training and development of staff.
  • Manage Coordination activities of the Division with regard to :
  • (i) Documentation – Draft of letters, mails, note to file, internal memos, proposals, reports, presentations as required; Provide support to stakeholders in IT & Operations in preparing presentations including technical & strategic; Organize & maintain the Division’s files & records.
  • (ii) Management of Meetings – Plan and schedule meetings and appointments; Make arrangements for meetings and organize invitations received from internal and external sources; Organize and host recurring periodic staff meetings, Division’s meetings and other recurring project meeting; Prepare Agenda and the Minutes of the Meetings as and when required.


  • Receive, distribute, send and track all correspondence received in the Office
  • Compose, transcribe and verify all communications and administrative documentation of the Division.
  • Prioritize & prepare/edit correspondence (mails /memos/letters /reports/ presentations etc) keeping track of all approvals.
  • Actively manage calendars & meeting schedules in Microsoft Outlook, organize travel, compile expense reports etc.
  • Track timekeeping and monitor and respond to routine correspondence.

Follow Up

  • Follow up on Internal Memos, LPOs, Invoices and other documents with Administration, Finance & other concerned departments.
  • Review staff attendance records. Notify the management on irregularities.
  • Follow-up on the Divisions staff leave plan in co-ordination with HR.
  • Follow up with HR on resource recruitment status for the Division

Quality Customer Service

  • To improve the quality of customer service provided by IT & Operations department

Working in a professional environment

  • Adherence to the code of ethics
  • Ensuring confidentiality


  • Manage purchases on a department credit card and provide monthly reporting.
  • Manage the IT Store & send monthly Item Request to Admin Department. Maintain and replenish inventory.
  • Manage Software Licenses and Inventory Management Activities
  • Invoice management & Associated Activities
  • Maintain Service Level Agreements and Contracts management with vendors/departments

Job Location


Relevant Experience in Years

8 Years

Required Qualification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management / IT or related field
  • Master’s Degree in Management / IT or related field

Special Certification

  • In-depth knowledge of all IT areas & developments
  • Advanced organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Background in Vendor Management, KPI definitions and C-level engagement
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, Business Process Management
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent level of writing skills in English & Arabic preferably
  • Strong motivational and team-building skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Time Management skills

Any Other Relevant Information

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