1. Manage the Operations Control, Dispatch, Navigation & Aircraft Performance and Technical Publications sections for Flight Operations and its related activities;
2. Ensure that the sectional Managers have established procedures and processes in accordance with the relevant regulatory and company requirements to control, manage and supervise their sections and systems used in a safe and efficient manner;
3. Ensure that Technical Publications section staff complies with the relevant requirements, policies, procedures and process to achieve effective documentation control including procurement, distribution and amendment of documents;
4. Ensure that the IOCC staff complies with relevant requirements, policies, procedures and processes to achieve safe and efficient operational control;
5. Ensure that the Navigation and Airport Performance section staff complies with the relevant requirements, policies, procedures and processes;
6. Monitor and assess the related functions of IOCC & its stake holders to address and focus on the following:

  • a) Adherence to Flight Disruption Procedure.
  • b) The schedule integrity is maintained as close as possible to its original state;
  • c ) To draw plans in such an efficient manner that it entails minimum delays, repercussion, cancellation and minimum inconvenience the airline passengers and customers;

7. Provision of 24/7 operational control supervision, coordination, flight following and communication for the best interest of safety & efficiency;
8. Ensure proper Coordination, communication for the best management of flight & operational disruptions;
9. Establish and maintain an efficient tracking and follow-up system of inbound and outbound documentation and mail;
10. Establish and maintain an efficient control system over sections required equipment and supplies purchasing;
11. Ensure control and supervision of vehicle allocated to Technical Publication section;
12. Promote efficient exchange of information within Operations Control & Support sections, Flight Operations and with interfacing departments and other units;
13. Ensure that the related sections procedure Manuals and related functions within Ops Control & Support meets the IOSA latest ISARPS and audit requirements.
14. Ensure that the Sectional Managers within Operations Control & Support adheres to Safety & Quality standards and procedures and to create awareness among all staff.
15. Participate & communicate to IATA on MENA Regional Coordinating Group (RCG) and contribute on all beneficial related issues and share the information with all Oman Air concerned management as applicable.
16. Participate & communicate on AACO Environmental Policy Group issues that are related to Carbon emissions, taxation to support any Globalized measures that may be regulated by ICAO based on IATA, AACO & state and share the available information with all Oman Air concerned management as applicable.

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